Process Mapping Training

The process mapping training courses provide your team the skills and knowledge needed to develop and manage world-class business processes.

DeltaPoint Consulting is proud to offers its’ “Mapping Master” 5-day intensive workshop! Our 5-day Master course is based on and facilitated by Steve Beiriger, Author of “Business Process Mapping Master”.

This course is performed as an in-house effort at the Client’s location. A key benefit to our in-house training program is the ability of DeltaPoint to focus on ONLY Your Company’s processes. We can typically map seven company processes through a second review during your in-house training period.

You will learn:

  • How process mapping facilitates business process improvement.
  • How to identify business opportunities in your organization.
  • How to facilitate successful mapping sessions.
  • How to identify your business processes and build your system map.

Process Mapper Certification

Our trainers are also available for “Mappers” Certification. This is a service that a DeltaPoint Facilitator will be on-site to “shadow” your mapping specialists to offer more real-world training and feedback. They will also be available off-line for map reviews, comments and suggestions.

Once participants complete this program, they will be certified to DPC Standards of Process Mapping and Facilitation!

Thanks for your interest in DeltaPoint Consulting.
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